What we do.


Website Design

Your website showcases your company. It could be as simple as a contact page with a brief description of what you do, or it could demonstrate your range of products and services or show a portfolio of projects and work. We'll work with you to decide exactly what you need to get out of your website; if you already know exactly what you want we'll come up with an idea to implement it.


Search Engine Optimization

Of course designing a site isn't the end of it. You'll want people to find you when they look in Google or Yahoo! search. We''ll incorporate basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on your site as part of the design to get it found and visited by your potential customers.


Copy Writing

We can also write the copy for your website; Nowadays search engines like Google when deciding the relevance of a website put a heavy emphasis on the actual content of the site. Well-written text not only helps with the marketing of your product or services but also helps potential customers to find your site.


HTML Marketing Email Design

Ok, You've got your list of potential customers and you want to market your company; email can be an effective way to keep people regularly informed about your products and services if done properly; however, done badly and you could lose a potential customer for good. The email's content must be relevant to the person who receives it. Your email is fighting with all the other emails for time to be read so it must have impact, and the message must be easily readable despite the firewalls, spam filters etc. We will create your emails to best html email guidelines (prominent unsubscribe links, checking that message is readable if image display is switched off in email program etc.) and will test them in the main email programmes (Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Mail etc.) for readability.


Online Competitions & Incentives

How do you keep your potential customers interested enough to keep accessing your website? How can you get up-to-date lists of people interested in your products? One way is to set up an online competition, quiz or incentive. People register their details to take part which can be sent to you via an email or spreadsheet.


Blog Design & Integration

There's more to a blog than signing up on blogger.com, selecting a template and typing away about your life's activities. Nowadays blogs can be a great way of reaching new customers and keeping existing ones interested in your company and what you're selling. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! give a site more prominance if it is continually having content added to it; Blogs are a great way of doing this and enable you to keep your site current and up-to-date. We can integrate a blog directly into your existing website or create one as part of a new build.





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